Ways To Make Certain That Your Seo Efforts Are Natural

If you talk to a Denver SEO expert, one thing they will tell you is that your images can do a lot to enhance your efforts. You just have to know how to best present and take advantage of your images. There are some tips that apply to just about every type of website. This means that you can analyze your site and see where you can start to use these ideas today.

Make Sure the Images Are Relevant

This is very important and something that you must consider. Your images must relate to your content or you are going to confuse your readers. For example, if you are writing about electrical work, a picture of a flower is not going to cut it even if it is bright and catches attention. People will notice this and it does not reflect well on your website or blog.

Choose the Right File Name

Your file name and image need to match well so that it makes the most sense in terms of SEO. For example, if you are using a photo of a pink rose, name your image file “pink rose” to ensure that it is easy to find. You can also opt to work your keyword into the image file name as long as it is relevant to the photo that you are using for your post.

Reduce the File Size

If a photo is causing your website to load slowly, this is going to cause problems for those who are visiting your website. You can easily adjust the size of the photo file in a photo editing software. You can even do this in MS Paint, which is included on all Windows computers. Just make sure seo consultant denver that you do not reduce it too much or else your photo will show too small on your website and if you try to make it larger there, you run the risk of it looking blurry.

Add a Caption

A caption for your photo is a great place to inject your primary keyword and give people a bit more information about the article or blog post that you are writing. For example, if that pink rose is a specific species, you can list this in the caption so that people know that exact type of flower they are looking at.

With this information, you can work toward becoming a Denver SEO expert so that you know that your efforts are always paying off. It is important that you are constantly working on your SEO and that you are auditing the methods that you are using. This ensures that everything is working as needed.

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